Friday, October 16, 2009

What will we be...?

The time to announce the name of the team, the brand identity, and the official website is drawing near! We are targeting the middle of November as the launch date. I received my first drafts from the designer today and I can't tell you how excited I will be to roll out our plan. We have received fantastic ideas from the community and very good feedback. As with anything, not everyone will get what they want, but I am sure that the community will be excited about the presentation and how it represents our city and region. If you haven't shared with us your thoughts, you can still do it (and enter to win season tickets!) by clicking on

It is funny as I try to explain to people that I can't just pick any name. It has to be unique (meaning no other team can legitimately lay claim to it and that I can trademark the identity), marketable (so that the masses will enjoy it, not just a select few), and color schemes have to allow me to work with what vendors already have so as to not incur massive production charges on items like uniforms and merchandise. It is something I look forward to sharing with people as soon as we release the brand.

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