Saturday, December 5, 2009

Season Tickets

We have just brought on a talented student intern to finish building the remainder of the pages on the website, including season tickets. It should be ready to be public by the middle of the week. Price ranges for season tickets will be between $85-$215, and we are accepting 25% deposits at this time. And to dispel a rumor that has started (I am not sure how) that single game tickets will be $25/game (what!!!), while we will not release single game pricing until early in the spring, I can say this: single game ticket pricing will range between $4-$8.

We are also ordering more hats (not the Inaugural Season variety, but new styles) as well as awaiting t-shirts and golf shirts in time for the holidays. We are in the process of building desks and finalizing the office space (located in the basement of the Struthers Building in downtown Walla Walla - entrance is next to T-Maccarone's on Colville Street and follow the signs). Hopefully we get to start our meetings with Renovation Specialists this week to go over the plans for the permanent office and team store at 109 East Main in downtown Walla Walla.

We announced the signings of (4) players from Cal Poly, the program that produced Ozzie Smith (who started his pro career in WW). Signings are rolling in, look for the releases in coming weeks.

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