Friday, October 8, 2010

Refreshed Website

We have refreshed the website. You can check it out here:
In addition to the refreshed look of the site, we are enhancing content, building in tools to keep our burgeoning group of social media (Twitter, Facebook) engaged and interacting with our team. I really enjoy this page - our alumni list: It will be great as players move on to minor league baseball, and ultimately to Major League Baseball, and create the tie back to their start in Walla Walla.

We also now have a tentative date on the store re-open - we are targeting the second week of November, and may be able to move that up depending on when product arrives. We will likely have some game-used jerseys and other collectibles on sale as well, so it will be fun to re-launch. Check out this story to find out how you can get some deals in Walla Walla with our new gear:

The roster is coming together - we have a release planned for next week in which we will begin to announce signings. We are making pitching depth a priority.

Any predictions on MLB playoffs? Lincecum and and Halladay were awesome - but it was only one game, and if Atlanta and Cincy can bounce back they can still go home with a chance to win.

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