Monday, November 1, 2010

Growth one series at a time

The WCL approved the 2011 schedule this morning (the full schedule will be released later this month). The highlights include an increase from 24 to 27 league games - meaning 54 league games, and we have added 6 additional games (3 2-game sets) to get to 33 home games at Borleske for the 2011 season (a STEAL for season ticket holders - because we set the prices while we were still at 31...great for the fans!).

It is exciting to see the growth of the league - painful at times (with the loss of Moses Lake this season - a market we hope to resurrect soon - we are staying at 9 teams this year), but still a far stretch from what it was 6-7 years ago. It makes me appreciate people like Jim Corcoran and Jim Richards, who a decade ago had the vision to see that baseball at this level could be successful as a business. Major Leagues? Nope. Fun, engaging, great baseball and a powerful way to reach fans for businesses in an affordable manner? Yep.

The Sweets Shoppe re-opens next Monday - fans will love the new gear, and with our talented retail manager Katie running the show - look for us to have continually great gear for people to choose from, especially at the holidays.

More signings to come - stay tuned.

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