Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sweets are Here!

The 2011 Walla Walla Sweets have arrived...well some of them at least.  Sunday marked the first team workout of the summer for the Sweets and you could not have asked for a better afternoon.  The morning rains cleared away and 11 players donning new Sweets gear trotted into Borleske Stadium ready to begin a summer of baseball in W2.

Over the course of the last three days, constant runs to the Walla Walla airport have been made to pick up the incoming players.  As the newcomers, and returnee Ryan Richardson, sat in their new clubhouse, you could see the look of excitement on all of their faces for the upcoming summer.

With such a short roster early on, the Sweets stuck to the basics during their first workout.  The four position players took batting practice on the field and got enough swings to last them a while.  As always, the pitchers were the key cog in the BP, shagging all of the balls the batters hit.  Every so often pitching coach Mark Michaud would call one of the pitchers over to the bullpen down the left field line to throw.  A player that some may have heard of this spring, Chance Kopacz from Walla Walla CC, put on quite the power display, hitting several home runs.

As the sun sets on the Sweets first workout there is a great deal to look forward to.  Over the next three weeks, the Sweets roster will continue to fill up as players make their way to Walla Walla from their respective colleges.  Even over the next few days, more and more Sweets will be arriving just in time for Opening Day on Friday.

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