Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clutch hits missing for Sweets

Walla Walla @ Bellingham Bells

- Tuesday was another example of the Sweets struggling to produce in key situations.  They left 11 men on base, wasting an 11-hit attack.  The games the Sweets have won this year are the games in which they have collected those key hits. And as you can imagine, the games they have lost have been games when they just can't seem to get the big one.
- We have been talking about Andrew Mendenhall a lot lately and he has quietly put together an eight-game hitting streak.  After starting 2-19, the Oregon Duck has gone 11-33 over the last eight games. 
- Cory Mack was the big headline on Tuesday.  The left-hander from Seattle came on in the third with the Sweets trailing 3-0 and rattled over six innings of relief.  He allowed just one run on two hits, baffling the Bells in his longest outing of the season; spring and summer combined.  The outing lowered his ERA from 13.50 to 3.68.
- Sabermetrically speaking, Alex Stanford leads team in the runs created category with 10.468.  Used to see how many runs a player is creating with his offense, the most basic calculation uses H+BBxTB/AB+BB.  The next highest on the Sweets is Chance Kopacz at 8.565.  Wenatchee's Payden Cawley-Lamb leads the league with 20.769.
- Another fun stat to work with is secondary average.  It is calculated by using this formula: TB-H+BB+SB-CS/AB. It is a ratio of bases gained per at-bat.  It is common that the number will higher than your batting average.  A score of .500 is very good. Only two players on the Sweets have secondary averages higher than their regular average; Elliot Stewart and Brenton Allen.  Stewart is hitting .222 but has a secA of .365 and Allen's secA of .275 is 75 points higher than his .200 regular batting average.  And despite hitting .311, Stanfords's secA is just .162.

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