Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hanging out in Nike Town...

Back in Portland at the WCL Board of Directors meeting. The really fun part? We are holding them for the 2nd year in a row on the Nike campus.

What happens at the league meetings? I've posted before, but I can go over it again:

- a new league president...Dennis Koho took over in July at the helm of the league office. So far, so good...welcome to Dennis as we move forward with the next chapter of WCL baseball.

-schedule...should be finalized shortly. With 3 new divisions, the structural look will be different than in years past, but it should be a fun one. The goal and function of a 3-division structure is to reduce travel (or at least standardize travel).

- league governance...a lot to cover here. Umpires, players, rules, employees - the work of the league. While on paper it looks is actually a lot of fun. More complex than one thinks.

- camaraderie...many times, it just is good to see everyone that has their shoulder to the wheel pushing the league business. Small note: we are approaching the 10th season of WCL play, and 2015 is the league's 10th anniversary. Kudos to the many pioneers still in the room that got it off the ground. It takes many talented people - and they did it.

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