Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Place Like Home

By: Spenser Smith

Although the series didn't end the way we had hoped, our trip to Wenatchee this past weekend was one to remember.

We took the classic route, technically the only route from our direction--driving right around the edge of Pasco and making our way past the endless farmland that covers the landscape. Which reminds me, nowhere else besides just outside of the little town of Quincy have I ever seen roadside crops actually labeled for the sightseer's convenience! "Timothy," "Peas," and a variety of other signs stand as helpful visual aids to those less familiar with the area and its chief exports.

And then, of course, after winding through a clump of apple orchards for which the region is known, we found our way into Wenatchee. There, you find yourself amidst an incredible valley, intricately carved out by the Columbia River. Trees dot the hillsides here and there, and fittingly enough, this picturesque city houses a very nice ballpark.

Paul Thomas Sr. Field sits on the campus of Wenatchee Valley College, whose baseball program shares the facility with the Applesox. Visiting broadcasters must work outdoors here, but aside from the heavy wind gusts on the first night, the weather was actually quite pleasant for outdoor broadcasts. I set up my equipment on a folding table located atop a riser next to the Applesox main press box, and thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of the game, as well as some brief interactions with fans of both teams between innings.

We rallied to beat the Applesox 15-5 in the first game on Friday, backed by three men hitting their first home runs of the season: Jarod Gonzales, J.J. Robinson and Mark Contreras.

In the final two games, though, the Sox showed exactly why they sit atop the standings this season, allowing the Sweets a combined four runs while scoring twelve of their own to take the series.

Now that we're back home, our boys of summer were able to hold down the Thurston County Senators in non-league play last night with a 3-2 win. It may not count in the standings, but it's a good morale-booster as we inch closer to our six-game road trip to Bend and Yakima, beginning Friday.

As much fun as these road trips are, there really is no place like home. Two more games to go against the Senators, and then a day off before we hit the road again.

It's been a great summer so far thanks to you fans, and we're still just getting started. Come on out to Borleske Stadium and catch as many games as you can, we can't wait to see you!

Go Sweets!

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