Monday, March 22, 2010

April 4 is the target...

That we have to move into our new offices. This post would be better with updated pictures - sorry about that - I will make sure we have them up tomorrow. That will give us a month to get it ready for the ribbon cutting/grand opening, which will be a great time. Here are some dates to pay attention to:

May 11 - ribbon cutting/grand opening of the store
May 12 - Single-game tickets will go on sale (pending availability!)

Some cool news today - all the player BP gear arrived today - fleece tops, dri-fit tee-shirts, dri-fit shorts and travel bags - is getting me pumped for the season's arrival. We meet Wednesday with a contractor to start the bid process on the Phase II improvements (finally), and tomorrow we put the finishing touches on the revised concessions beer and wine plan.

This was also a nice surprise in the paper today - - the phone began to ring off the hook as soon as the paper was hitting the stands (from 3 pm - it's an afternoon paper - until 6:15, we received 24 phone calls and sold 4 season tickets, 2 family plans, and 2 1/2 season plans). The details aren't exactly correct, but still - great pub.

Pics tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And we are under 90 days...

We now have less than 90 days left until we open Borleske Stadium with Sweets baseball. We had our "90 days until Opening Day" meeting on Wednesday, and our to-do list currently sits at about 200 items to do. Some are 1-and-dones (order staff shirts), others are ongoing (sponsor fulfillment). Either way, a lot to do in a short window. But we'll get there...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Losing my Edge!

Sorry - this should have been up on Sunday, but I'm losing my edge...! Here is a fun feature that will help you keep track of what our players are doing, etc.