Sunday, November 8, 2009

SBC Meetings In Charlotte, NC

I am in Charlotte, NC for the SBC (Summer Baseball Conference) Meetings. It is in essence the winter meetings for teams that are at our level of play, except a bit smaller of a scale. I actually like the fact that it is a little smaller because I get to really pick the brain (and share ideas with) owners and GMs of other franchises, more so than we ever did at the Baseball Winter Meetings (plus the food is better). You can read more about here:

We are down to less than a week before our launch. We are putting the finishing touches on the press conference now, and look forward to unveiling the name and the brand there. It should be fun - we will have over 500 students at Sharpstein Elementary School in Walla Walla plus dozens of community leaders, the media, etc.

I am excited to actually start using our name and brand - it has been two months in the development process, it is time to start sharing it. I will share this: Studio Simon is the design firm we used, and you can see their work here: It will be fun.

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