Friday, April 23, 2010

League Meetings - Kelso (Cowlitz Co.)

Well, in Longview-Kelso today and tomorrow for the WCL semi-annual meetings. It is always a fun part of this kind of thing - getting together with other league leaders and to learn from each other. You learn what is and isn't working in each market - one goal I have for this weekend is to see what can be done to better brand the league as a whole. Individually, clubs in our league do a great job in their individual markets, but a growth area for the league is building a brand identity that doesn't take away from what each team is doing, but strengthens individual efforts because Bend vs. Kitsap means something to fans in Walla Walla - like Texas vs. Los Angeles means something to fans of the Seattle Mariners. It will help recruit better talent to the playing field as well.

What are your ideas for building brand recognition of the league outside of individual markets?

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