Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh, Canada....

Mason Robinson here - voice of the Sweets, and I know you folks would love to have some of the updates you might not otherwise get while I chat away on the air watching the team play. So I'll post occasional updates on the sights, sounds and shenanigans I might not mention the broadcast to update you on the goings-on of what this team is up to on the road.

And the first note: Victoria, B.C., is an absolutely beautiful place. I mean it's awesome. We jumped off the bus around 11:00 this morning and were told "go have fun." So off we went. First thing we passed was the legislature building (think Wayne Manor meets Wrigley Field meets the Statue of Liberty). A majestic government office made of stone with domed roofs and a gorgeous public lawn for folks to roam about. The 50-foot tall totem pole was a nice touch out front as well. The roofs are made of copper but have long been rusted over, giving that familiar light green accent to the building, with a statue of Queen Victoria out front.

As a group we all strolled over a short bridge into a bustling downtown with shops galore -- I'm talking ice cream shops, local leather dealers, cigar vendors, souvenir t-shirt stores, men's and women's boutiques, Irish Pubs, and of course, everyone's favorite -- the shirtless guy with a cowboy hat, singing his heart out with his six-string guitar and a collection of lose change.

The group split up to do.... whatever it is guys do with two hours of free time in a foreign country. I tagged along with a few of the pitching staff to grab a bite to eat before we went looking at some of the shops around town (I am in need of a new pair of running shoes). We had no luck, but that ice cream shop was calling our names... So you know we had to get two scoops in a waffle cone.

Time actually flew by today and we ended up trotting back to the bus, but not before a good laugh at the "Paper Mache" Man posing for pictures, covered in white paint, scaring the occasional unsuspecting passerby. There was a magic show as well, but we could see all of his trick coming -- which is quite boring once the thrill is gone -- and made our final trip past the legislature building and rode to the hotel.

Now it's time to play some ball! Last night was a great win -- one in which the Sweets were in total control, especially in that three-run 9th inning.

Hope you enjoyed an inside perspective into what the guys are doing up here in beautiful British Columbia. Tune into the game tonight for some more quality baseball!

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