Sunday, September 19, 2010

2011 Roster

We are starting to see signings come in for 2011. What is great for year 2 is that we can really look at our roster position by position, know the ballpark we play in, and be systematic as to our approach to improve the team, rather than just sign someone for the sake of signing them. While we are releasing names or schools yet, I think Sweets fans will be happy with the improvements that we will be making. Pitching is certainly a priority...really looking at guys that can throw strikes, eat innings, and be bulldogs on the mound - I like a little mean streak in a pitcher.

Offensively, I know the fans like a home-run hitter, but personally I could care less, especially in Borleske. Give me a guy who can consistently hit a double to the gap, run the bases hard but smart, and refuse to strike out, and I'll sign him all day long. Too many strikeouts and base-running mistakes in 2010. Again, not a criticism, just recognizing areas of improvement.

Stay tuned as we begin in mid-October to start announcing signings.

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