Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the countdown begins...

I'm sure that many think that we have just gone silent since the WCL Championship...to the contrary! We have been hard at work preparing for today - the day the really launches the start of the 2012 season.

 Today is the "start" because season tickets for 2012 go on sale to the general public today. We also start cutting out the infield diamond and prepping the stadium to convert back to baseball (Wa-Hi football finished their season last week). The 2012 schedule was also released yesterday by the league (our press release will go out on Thursday with schedule details). A goal of the league's was to begin the scheduling process much sooner so that it could be released to the public earlier, and we were able to accomplish that. There are some really bright and creative individuals in this league and that is reflected in efforts such as getting the schedule finalized in a timely fashion.

There are some changes at 109 E, Main/Borleske Stadium for the 2012 season - we have had two valued staff members choose to pursue other career opportunities while still young enough to do so. Sean Parsons, our ticket operations and creative services manager, is prepping for a trip to Africa to provide service and shoot photographs. His effort, attention to detail and eye for the new and creative will be missed. Thanks for walking in 20 months ago Sean! Brett Axelrod, our very first employee and my right-hand man since we first met for hot chocolate at Starbucks two years ago, is pursuing a career in law enforcement. Brett, who rose to the position of director of marketing and operations, was the best first hire I have ever made. He will be missed all year long - especially on game-day, where he mobilized 20-30 employees every night to provide "top-notch" customer service to our thousands of fans. While we lose two core members of our team, we have existing members that have earned promotions and will allow us to keep getting better. We have the best front office team this side of the Cascades.

The team continues to come together. While we will miss the contributions of WCL MVP Alex Stanford (Gonzaga) who will have graduated and won't be eligible to play in the WCL, we are working hard to re-sign key members of the club as well as find players that can help us make the next step to finishing the championship. That was an incredible experience and one we want to be able to experience year and year out. Stay tuned to www.wallawallasweets.com for detailed releases of signings, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds for up-to-date stories during the off-season.

The photo of the day (what, you didn't know we had a photo of the day segment?!) is from last night. Downtown Walla Walla floods with kids on Halloween as downtown businesses give candy away in a controlled trick-or-treat environment. The best costume? This kid! This is the kind of creativity that means something to me. We aren't perfect, but our effort remains focused on the goal to have the Walla Walla Sweets be the best brand of family entertainment in Walla Walla. Sweet Lou says hi!

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