Monday, June 2, 2014

The Final Countdown

By: Spenser Smith

Don't be alarmed. If the title of this post frightened you into thinking that you were about to encounter a cheesy, nostalgic '80s pop culture piece, think again.

It's the final countdown to Opening Day! As I walked up to the front door of the Sweets Shoppe this morning, I froze in my tracks upon realizing that the big day is now just three days away, as proudly proclaimed by our sidewalk sandwich board. Where had the time gone? Had I spent too much time soaking up the sun's powerful UV rays? Spending my evenings watching the Mariners on TV? Tweeting about every single #sunnyday #beautifulday #sunset and #sunburn as it occurred?

Not exactly. Though I've watched plenty of my beloved Mariners' games this season (cheers to being a .500 team again!), I've spent the bulk of my time, along with the rest of the front office and team staff, in enthusiastic preparation for the upcoming season. Playing around with the layout of the Borleske Bulletin, updating player information online, working the social media front, physically prepping Borleske for the big's been a wildly busy first leg of the summer, but it all boils down to the excitement of the fast-approaching season.

Now, with Saturday's wildly successful Battle of the Badge in the rearview mirror (if you missed it, the firefighters won 10-2), it's time to take care of some last-minute details over the next 72 hours. This Thursday, the 2014 Sweets will takes the field for Opening Day against a potent Sweets alumni team, featuring a variety of players you've seen at various times over the past four years here in the valley. Grab your tickets now, they're selling quickly!

And finally, it's time to prepare for the regular season as well. The Bellingham Bells will come to town for a three-game series beginning Friday at 7:05 PM. Looking forward to seeing you fans out there, and I wish everyone a great first week of June. Go Sweets!

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